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Dehydrated Onion

We are commercializing in a vast array of best standard Onion Flakes. They are prepared by using the best techniques prevailing in the worldwide market. The flakes are made in the cleanest environment along with considering the hygiene standards. They are used in cooking of various cuisines and make them more mouth-watering. They have incredible aroma and taste that can make any ordinary dish extraordinary. The onion Flakes can be consumed by people of every age group and have a good effect on their health. They goes through all the required quality tests to ensure their safe consumption by customers.
We are leading the planetary market with our extensive radius of Onion Minced. They are smallest cut or diced onions that are used for cooking purposes on a large scale. The minced onions adds a exotic flavor to different cuisines that are hard to resist. They do not only good in taste but also have many health benefits like help in maintaining the blood sugar level, prevent cancer, maintain cholesterol level and build up a strong immunity system. They are used in food industries, commercial places like hotels, restaurants, cafes & others and as well as in homes. The Onion Minced have prepared in neat surroundings.
No more crying while cutting onions with our extensive range of fresh Onion Chopped. They are of good hygienic value as are prepared in the cleanest atmosphere using the properly washed equipment. They have outstanding taste and aura that can make any dish scrumptious. The chopped onions are fresh and can be consumed without worrying about any health issue. They are used in various food outlets and industries for preparing countless number of food products which have a high public demand. The Onion Chopped also gives several well-being benefits that help people to led a healthy and disease free lifestyle.
We are commercializing in a comprehensive collection of Onion Granules. They are the dehydrated onion powder that are generally utilized as a seasoning. The granules are prepared in neat and clean environment along utilizing the state of the art technology. They are properly packed to avoid any kind of contamination and then delivered to our prominent customers. The Onion Granules are healthy and offer a safe consumption. They enhance the taste of various kinds of cuisines in an excellent manner. They have good self-life and can be accessed by customers in different quantities in order to meet their exact requirements.
We are leading the worldwide market with an immense ambit of Onion Powders. They are prepared under the supervision of experts by accurately complying with the quality parameters laid at an international level. The powder have fine particles and properly get mixed with the food content for giving an amazing taste and flavor. They can be accessed in various characteristics in order to fulfill the actual needs of clients. The Onion Powder are tested many times on the basis of quality and only after a precise verification, they are delivered to clients. They are healthy as well as safe for consumption.