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Onion Minced

We are leading the planetary market with our extensive radius of Onion Minced. They are smallest cut or diced onions that are used for cooking purposes on a large scale. The minced onions adds a exotic flavor to different cuisines that are hard to resist. They do not only good in taste but also have many health benefits like help in maintaining the blood sugar level, prevent cancer, maintain cholesterol level and build up a strong immunity system. They are used in food industries, commercial places like hotels, restaurants, cafes & others and as well as in homes. The Onion Minced have prepared in neat surroundings.
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Dehydrated White Onion Minced

  • Shape:Cube
  • Processing Type:Dried
  • Taste:Typical
  • Drying Process:Food Dehydrators
  • Vegetable Type:Dried Vegetables
  • Variety:onion minced
  • Vegetable Part:Whole
  • Cultivation Type:Common